WeatherDeep - WHAT WE OFFER

Highly Customizable Platform for Weather Hazards
Expanded Decision Space for Risk Management

Government - WeatherDeep’s extended-range forecasts given federal agencies extra time to prepare for major disasters, protecting life and property while managing critical assets

Insurance - Our new analytics platform can help insurers manage risk by understanding which regions have a heightened seasonal risk of property losses from tornadoes and hail.

Energy - Extended-range temperature and surface wind forecasts help energy traders and renewable energy professionals accurately gauge supply and demand.

Agriculture - WeatherDeep’s temperature forecasts help farmers to be more efficient in growing and harvesting their crops – directly benefitting global food supply.


WeatherDeep was founded by Dr. Ashton Robinson Cook in Norman, Oklahoma. Recent Development has been encouraged via a Small Business Innovation and Research Award granted by the U.S. Air Force. The forecasts are intended to provide end users ample time to defend against the impacts of extreme weather. Read more




Monthly to Seasonal Severe Weather Forecasts
Weather Analytics - Decision Support for Insurance, Energy, and Agriculture
Customizable AI-based Weather Forecasting and Analytics Solutions
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