Our Products


Tropical systems and hurricanes have the potential for widespread damage from severe winds, storm surge, flooding and even tornadoes. Our tropical products focus on both monthly, seasonal and basin wide forecasts for the continental United States (CONUS) and the Southeastern portion of the country.

Severe Weather

WeatherDeep predicts tornadoes, hail, and damaging wind gusts on a monthly to seasonal basis. Its catastrophe models also predict property losses as a function of


WeatherDeep offers temperature forecasts on a weekly to monthly basis to assist energy traders and farmers.


WeatherDeep's extended-range surface wind forecasts help anticipate efficiency of renewable energy production on monthly time scales.


WeatherDeep's new API is designed to allow customers to integrate forecast data into its operational platforms and applications.


We can all hope for the best when it comes to Mother Nature, but when preparations can be made ahead of time, you can leave the wishful hoping to a concrete plan of action. We are here to assure you can strategize for the worst case scenarios and protect life and property. Our specialties include: 

  • Customized model development for specific weather hazards tailored to your business needs
  • Historical weather information
  • Specialized forecasts for your region
  • Climatology: past and future

If you are ready for us to assist with your forecasting needs or would like to contact us about the products we can offer you, click here and let us know.