Announcing WeatherDeep’s new API

WeatherDeep announces a new REST API!

Contact WeatherDeep to access extended-range forecasts via the updated portal and API.

WeatherDeep is happy to announce the deployment of its new API for accessing its forecasts!   It’s REST architecture provides flexibility for integrating its data into a variety of external platforms.  WeatherDeep provides the following forecasts via its API:

  • Tornado forecasts (monthly, bimonthly, seasonal)

  • Hail forecasts (monthly, bimonthly, seasonal)

  • Significant hail forecasts (monthly, bimonthly, seasonal)

  • Thunderstorm Wind forecasts (monthly, bimonthly, seasonal)

  • Surface wind forecasts (departures from normal – 15-day, 30-day, and 60 day)

  • Cooling degree/heating degree day forecasts (departures from normal – 15-day, 30-day, and 60-day)

Additional forecasts available via WeatherDeep’s analytics and forecast portal, including:

  • Seasonal property losses from tornadoes, hail, and thunderstorm wind gusts

  • The “Early Warning System for U.S. tropical cyclone landfalls”

  • “Point-by-point” forecast and analytics information for all forecast hazards

Example: Forecast Output from WeatherDeep's Analytics Portal

Forecast Descriptions and Formats

  • Temperature and surface wind forecasts are valid for the continental U.S.  Tornado, thunderstorm wind, and hail forecasts are valid for continental U.S. areas along and east of the Rocky Mountains.

  • “Point forecast” based on latitude and longitude are also available via WeatherDeep’s API and also its newest analytics portal.

  • Valid forecasts timeframes are listed in each map layer’s metadata. 

  • PNG images are available on the portal.  These images and additional file formats (i.e., zipped shapefile, geojson, and kml) also available via the API.

Call 1 877 820 9238, email info at, or contact us at this page for more information.

Terms and Conditions

Applicable terms and conditions for subscribing to WeatherDeep’s forecasts can be found here.